Extraordinary is intangible.

What matters most

Extraordinary is selfless.

Extraordinary does not ask why.

Extraordinary does the right thing.

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Until today, I’d never witnessed extraordinary.  It never happens, or rarely does, and when it did, I was never there.  At least I never had been.

Until today.

I am humbled.

Today I watched a little boy score a touchdown.  No great feat in and of itself yet it’s a privilege that little boy’s father may never enjoy.

You see, I’m told that the boy’s dad is very ill.  Very.  And he is unable to attend his son’s games.

The coaches on Zane’s team talked with the boys and let them know what a tough time this little guy was having.  Of how badly the boy’s father wanted to be able to see his son play, to cheer him on, to just be there for him.

And they decided to do something extraordinary.

On the very last play of the game, the little boy’s number was called.  He lined up as a tailback and took the handoff.  Racing through the line he cut to the right past the first line of defenders.


One by one the boys on Zane’s team gave chase.


Closing in but always a step behind.


Diving in vain at the boy’s feet.

10, 5…

One man to beat.


It was without a doubt the most extraordinary thing I have ever witnessed and I am honored to have been there.