Dogs and Cats Living Together….

real wrath of God type stuffRivers and seas boiling.  Fire and brimstone.  Mass hysteria.

Real wrath of God type stuff!

Zia:  So what can we do?  (Zia and Zella had come with me to Zander’s flag football practice this afternoon.  They were a little bit bored and looking for something, anything, to pass the time.)

Me:  Well, see that sign down there?  You could run to it and then run back.

Zia:  OK!!!  Come on, Zella!

And then upon returning and only minimally winded… How far was that?

Me:  Oh, I don’t know.  I guess about 200 yards or so.

Zia:  Really??!!

Me:  Yes.  And if you do that 7 more times you will have run a mile.

Zia:  Wow!  OK, come on Zella!!  We’re going to run a mile!!

And they did.  With energy to spare.

And to boot, they played for the entire hour of Zander’s practice without fighting or arguing.