Take the Shot!


Walter Ioos Jr.

Max Rossi …

Neil Leifer

Charles M. Conlon …

Erik Refner …

All very famous sports photographers.


Not so much.

You see, one of the things that distinguishes the amazing skills of these five photographers and a mere dolt like me — there are myriads of differences, don’t be fooled — but the single most important attribute that comes to mind…

Is that they pressed the shutter.  They took the shot.

I’ve taken over 700 photos of my son’s football games and practices this fall.  I’m always at the ready, camera in hand, snapping away.

Today, Zane caught his very first pass!!  A 13 yarder for a first down.  (Well, it would have been first and goal but he was called for excessive celebration after the play because he threw the ball down instead of giving it to the ref.  He was just a tad bit excited.  The net was an 8 yard completion.)

I was right there on the sideline, kneeling, camera in hand not 15 yards from where it all happened.

And I never took a picture.

Oh I screamed until I was hoarse and nearly cried right there in front of everyone I was so proud of him.  But I didn’t take a picture.  And I’m sick about it.  (Though not nearly as upset as he’s been rehashing his after catch celebration and penalty.)

Not all is lost though for several of the parents captured the feat on video and have promised to send me a copy, so I’ve got that.

But it sure would be nice to share with with you a picture of that catch.




As it is — I got set and hike.