Your name is not Zero.

I’m sorry.

We called you that all weekend.

Accept our apologies.

No matter, you still suck as a good luck charm!

Zella was selected to be the VIK for the coming week.  That’s Very Important Kindergardener.  One of the perks of having your stick drawn is an exciting weekend with the class mascot wherein you get to take him on all of your adventures over the weekend, photographing the events and journaling the details.

This is our 4th visit by the class mascot and he’s always been referred to as Zero.  Zero the Hero.  During Zoe and Zane’s stint in kindergarden he was a Zebra.  He disintegrated after a wash (not my fault — the teacher tried to wash him) and was replaced by a bear, but still called Zero.

This bear is slightly different than the one Zia brought home on her VIK weekend but essentially the same.  I assumed he was still Zero and that’s how we addressed him all weekend.

Only on Sunday night when it came time to enter the photos and journal entries in the class log did I realize this little guy’s name is Teddy.


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