The Dynamic Duo Does Fun

Circumstance and obligation often time conspire to rob precious moments.  Traditions become “remember when” and “used to”.  Or worse, “why don’t we?”  The confusion is only compounded when the “whys” are from a child.  Several years ago Maura and I worked out a pretty cool birthday tradition for the kids.  We called it the Day of Fun and in lieu of showering the kids with gifts on their birthdays we would set aside a day just for the birthday kid to spend with Mom and Dad.  You don’t realize how important some things are until they’re gone.

We skipped a year of the Day of Fun simply because life seemed to have gotten in the way.  The kids had wonderful birthday parties and received plenty of gifts but they never stopped asking, “What about our Day of Fun?”  It was that important and and Maura and I kind of lost sight of that.  The kids didn’t care about the stuff.

They wanted us.

Ask and ye shall receive, kid.  (Unless you’re asking for like a motorcycle, or a gun, or a tattoo.)  Ask for anything within reason, kid and ye shall receive.  We get to determine what is within reason — it’s a parental prerogative.  It’s a word, kid look it up.

Zander and Zella kicked things off this year with what I can only say is a day that set the bar pretty high in terms of funness.  (Funness is probably not a word but it works here.  See the other comment about prerogative.  It’s my story so I get to choose the words.)

We started the day with breakfast and a toast to good times ahead.


Then a quick stop for some supplies.  And of course a photo op.

Bulls Eye

The Dynamic Duo prepares to reek havoc on the children’s section of the book store.  It never ceases to amaze me at just how excited my kids get about books and reading.  (Clearly a trait passed to them by Maura.)

The Dynamic Duo

It’s a bit hard for me to take sometimes when I realize that all of my kids are now readers.  Zander still struggles  with some words and tends to guess more than read but the progress he’s made from August at the start of Kindergarden until now is truly amazing.  I still get a bit choked up when Zella, in the living case study of how girls advance slightly faster than boys educationally, will take the time to help her brother sound out the more difficult words.  Or get frustrated when he messes up and just hit him.  Because she’s caring like that.

Zander Conquers Another One

Next stop of the Freight Train o’ Fun was to the ice skating rink.  Zella had been begging to go for a year.  She may have been rethinking that request.


It took them both about thirty minutes to get halfway comfortable on the ice but they had an absolute blast.  I’m not saying they’re heading to the Olympics or anything, but it was fun.

Future World Champion Pairs

Big Time Fun

Next stop — “Builder Bear”.  For some reason, Zander won’t say Build A Bear.  Or except.  He prefers to say becept.

Of course, we had to stop and play on the stairs for a while because when you’re 6 even a stairwell is an adventure.

Up or Down

Also logical limitations on imagination are pointless.  It’s perfectly natural for a stuffed wolf to be wearing a football uniform and riding a motorcycle.  And why wouldn’t a green bear with patchwork paws be wearing an Obi Wan outfit?

Obi and Charmer

A bite for lunch and then we were off to one of our favorite metro parks.  The day was perfect for a stroll.

You Coming?

These two could have fun anywhere!

These Two...

In a nutshell, the Day of Fun was exactly as billed — FUN!!!  And this this I know.  Maura and I have resolved to do everything in our power to keep this tradition alive because it really does mean so much to the kids.  And truth be told it’s an awful lot of fun for us as well.

Cheers Indeed!


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  3 comments for “The Dynamic Duo Does Fun

  1. Mar 19, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    What a fantastic idea. I think we’ll have to start doing this. And be still my heart—a trip to the bookstore was part of it.

    • Ed
      Mar 20, 2012 at 8:16 am

      My kids love the bookstore! Until he was in second grade Zane thought the name of our local library was Barnes and Noble.

  2. Melissa
    Mar 20, 2012 at 10:16 am

    So glad you revived this tradition. You guys always plan the best days for the kids! The pictures of the twins throughout the Day are so freaking cute!

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