So He’s Not Completely Aloof After All

Every once in a while, from the least likely of the bunch….

We stopped for dinner last night in your typical, dive B-dubs.  Don’t judge!  I’ve a fickle dining ensemble and this is one of the few places where they’ll at least eat.  It had been a long day and the last thing I wanted or needed was to go home and prepare dinner.

On one of the many tv screens that fill the place was the movie Tin Cup.  No volume, of course, but the kids somehow found themselves following along with at least parts of the story.  Cut to the scene where Costner takes a 13 after putting 5 balls in the drink.  The kids seemed completely caught up in the story.

Finally, Zoë turns around and says, “What movie is this?”

“It’s called Tin Cup,” I tell her.

“We should watch this sometime.”

And then without missing a beat Zander responds, “We are watching it!”