9 Jan, 2020s

Context, is everything.

The sign here is not as random as it would seem though I scarcely imagine anyone pays it much attention – at least from this side. This is a picture of the back of the sign from 1 Jan “Stop Ahead – Boundary”. It was also the turn around point from that first run of the new year.

I thought it a little prophetic when I made the painfully, pathetically slow 1 mile trot to this point just 9 days ago. Reading symbolism into a moment that should not have been I determined that what this little road sign was telling me, to “Stop ahead – the boundary is near” would not define me or my year ahead.I’ve decided instead to look beyond limits. To reach beyond them. To go beyond them. To live beyond them.

That’s it. No great revelations. Honestly, I don’t even have a plan. Or goal. I just know that if I decide that I’ll not be defined by limitations placed on me whether external or personal, imagined or real, that I’ll be happier for it.

And maybe healthier.

Today I snapped a shot of the back of the sign. Symbolic really to no one but me. Testament to the fact that that I made it beyond Boundary, beyond “the limit”. Almost ¾ of a mile beyond.

It’s a start.