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Ding Dong! Merrily on Ooh I Bit My Cheek

  The Kids’ Annual Christmas Piano Recital is in less than 2 weeks. Actually, it’s 9 days from now and the tension is palpable. Zoë has decided that perhaps it’s time for her to practice the piece she’s going to be playing.  And…….surprisingly — she does not know it. So after about 30 or so very painful, discordant minutes of… Read more →

And Then She Ate Cake

“Done!” Zella’s tiny voice proudly proclaimed as she shoved the empty plate forward and leaned back in her chair.  One continuous motion.  A quick glance at her plate did, in fact, confirm her declaration.  The plate was empty.  Void of the usual remnants one might find when Zella typically declares herself “done” following a meal.  No crusts unceremoniously ripped from… Read more →

It’s 95% Mental…

The other half is physical.   Yogi Bear said that. Wait, Berra.  The ball player, not the cartoon.  Anyway, he was talking about baseball – not running – but I think it applies. Things I realized in no particular order on this morning’s run:  (And I’m using the term run very loosely.) 5 weeks is an awfully long time for… Read more →