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So I drank the Kool-Aid.  It tasted a bit like lactic acid. And bile. Yeah… I started a workout program this past Monday.  It’s really more of a ritualistic penitential rite shrouded with self loathing and torture.  At least that’s my initial take on the whole thing.  I’m not quite sure what led me to believe I was in any… Read more →

I’m Doing Nothing For Charity

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Yeah, I know.  It’s November.  We kind of missed it. But it’s not too late to shed a bit of light on this potentially devastating disease that will affect 1 in 6 men.  In fact, a man is 35% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman is to be… Read more →

What Have I Done!!

“Fancy a walk?” It was a simple question, short and to the point.  An e-mail from an acquaintance.   Granted, the guy’s a lunatic but he’s got an oddly compelling personality — the kind of guy with which you can picture yourself spending an evening or sharing a cup of coffee. Or a stroll. “Sure,” I responded. And that was that. … Read more →

Dan and His Lunatic Fringe

He doesn’t appear to be backing down.  He mentioned quite some time ago that he was going to do this.  Quite some time ago, it was safe to boast of this as quite some time should pass and our memories would fail us.  Yet he has reminded us of his claims, an ever present gnat buzzing always just beyond the swatter.  At times, his voice has been soft, like a whisper.  Other times, loud and booming.  He just couldn’t let it go.  And now, the time has come.  It is as they say time to put up or shut up.  I think a more commonly known allegorical reference may have something to do with moving one’s bowels or vacating the porcelain seat but since this is a family friendly place, I shan’t make such references.

Dan and his mates, ten of them I believe, maybe just seven.  Could be just Dan.  I’m not really sure who has committed but they all should be committed for even suggesting such lunacy. You see, Dan and his mates are about to embark on a journey,  seventy eight miles of walking in a mere six days.  (That’s an average of 13 miles a day!)  I’m not sure how many of you walk, or run or exercise at all for that matter, but the idea of walking 13 miles a day for six straight days has got to be daunting.  Hell, I get winded just walking upstairs when I’ve forgotten the telephone.  Half of the time I let a call just go to message because the effort to pry myself from my cozy couch is just to great.

Now, I’ve got to ask you?  Does this…..

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