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Scrambled Eggs ….. and Sausage

I’ve just completed a whirlwind week.  Parties and practices, appointments and obligations.  Unofficially dubbed as Zane’s Fantabulous Birthday Week of Celebrations, it more closely resembled an out of control train perpetually gaining speed, rapidly approaching a hairpin turn.  Or a wildfire.  Maybe a drowning.  Call it what you will, it was exhausting and I am tired. My kids are tired… Read more →

Take Courage

I’ve come to believe that in the grand scheme of things, things are just that.  Significance attaches to things it oughtn’t and import is lost.  Soon nothing is. Loneliness and solitude are unlikely companions among the tumult and the fray that defines daily existence.  And yet it is exactly here where both reside. It’s been a while.  Maybe too long. Perhaps not… Read more →