Category: Conversations With Little People

And Then She Ate Cake

“Done!” Zella’s tiny voice proudly proclaimed as she shoved the empty plate forward and leaned back in her chair.  One continuous motion.  A quick glance at her plate did, in fact, confirm her declaration.  The plate was empty.  Void of the usual remnants one might find when Zella typically declares herself “done” following a meal.  No crusts unceremoniously ripped from… Read more →

Messing with Young Minds

(An excerpt from a conversation with the kids on the way to school not long ago.)   Why is that truck always there? It’s been there for years, guys.  Why does it seem to be bothering you now? It’s ugly. Why don’t they move it? I kind of like it. I don’t know why they never move it.  Maybe  it… Read more →