Category: Conversations With Little People

Maybe In French?

The boy sings constantly. Zander. He sings Incessantly.  Little tunes he makes up in his head or a phrase he might pick up from a song on the radio that he puts on an endless loop.  He’ll sing, content in his own little world, completely oblivious to what’s going on around him .  Often times he will sing as he’s… Read more →

On the Origin of Zander

The lifeguard at the pool shared with me a very interesting conversation that she had recently held with Zander. Seems Zander struck up the conversation after noticing her shiny new engagement ring. Zander:  Ooh, that’s a pretty ring! LG:  Thank you, Zander. Zander:  Does that mean you’re getting married? LG:  Yes I am. Zander:  My mom and dad got married. … Read more →

Another Close Call

“So Zia, what’s this I hear about you kissing a boy at school today?” “I didn’t kiss him!!” “So what’s the story?” “Well, I was helping Sam with his work and he said, ‘I should give you a kiss’ and I was like, ‘EWW, NO WAY!!’ and then he was like, ‘HOSEA!!’” “Then what happened?” “Then we started laughing and… Read more →

What? Do We Live in a Zoo?

“Dad!  Dad!  There’s a noise!  We heard a noise upstairs!” The twins, bright eyed and animated as ever came running into the kitchen.  They clutched my legs, trembling. “What do you think it was?” (I knew exactly what it was.  I had overloaded the washing machine—again—and as it tried to start it’s spin cycle began to shake pretty strongly.) Read more →