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And Then She Ate Cake

“Done!” Zella’s tiny voice proudly proclaimed as she shoved the empty plate forward and leaned back in her chair.  One continuous motion.  A quick glance at her plate did, in fact, confirm her declaration.  The plate was empty.  Void of the usual remnants one might find when Zella typically declares herself “done” following a meal.  No crusts unceremoniously ripped from… Read more →

You CAN NOT Participate Without It!

This is not a new rule, son. Fuck!!!! (That part was totally in my head, but he is more than aware that I’m not pleased with his forgetful ass.) Thirty minute round trip to go back home and get his mouthguard. That’s out of a 2 hour practice already cut short 30 minutes because of the setting sun. Read more →

Dogs and Cats Living Together….

Rivers and seas boiling.  Fire and brimstone.  Mass hysteria. Real wrath of God type stuff! Zia:  So what can we do?  (Zia and Zella had come with me to Zander’s flag football practice this afternoon.  They were a little bit bored and looking for something, anything, to pass the time.) Me:  Well, see that sign down there?  You could run… Read more →