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Leave it all on the field. (Just remember to save some of it until the game actually starts!) Zander’s very first flag football game was today.  Whatever he lacks in intensity for the game he more than makes up for in his intensity for having fun.  And isn’t that what games are really all about anyway? Read more →

Don’t Poke the Angry Raccoon!

I don’t like this. What don’t you like, Zella? My hair.  I don’t like it like this. Why? It makes me look like a girl! Zella, you are a girl.     I DON’T LIKE IT! (That’s what thirty pounds of fury looks like, people.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.) Read more →

Notching the Milestone Belt

She started asking me last year.  Not persistently, but often.  Never demanding.  It was actually more a feeble plead, a half-hearted request completely lacking in confidence. “You’re not ready” was typically all it took to quell her desires.  I wasn’t about to tell her that it was me who was not ready.  These things, simple as they may appear on… Read more →