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And Then She Ate Cake

“Done!” Zella’s tiny voice proudly proclaimed as she shoved the empty plate forward and leaned back in her chair.  One continuous motion.  A quick glance at her plate did, in fact, confirm her declaration.  The plate was empty.  Void of the usual remnants one might find when Zella typically declares herself “done” following a meal.  No crusts unceremoniously ripped from… Read more →

I Had a Moment

I had returned from school drop off duties last Friday morning and was minding the twins.  And by minding I mean trying to keep them from destroying the house or each other.  They are flourishing in the increased attention they receive each morning when the older kids have left for school and before they head to their afternoon Pre-K classes. … Read more →

Somewhere Ages….

To roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I —- I bent down to tie my shoe and lost my balance.  I grabbed for a branch to no avail and fell headlong into the fucking stream.  Now I’m soaking wet, bruised, and so far from either path that even if I did find my way back I wouldn’t know which… Read more →

Where Was Mark Yesterday!!

Always tell the truth.  That way, you never have to remember what you said. Mark Twain According to legend, and other manuscripts held in general high regard, there are ten commandments.  Ten rather specific edicts which, if  followed closely, serve a fairly good moral foundation.  Arguably, a person that holds to these tenets would be in pretty good standing with… Read more →