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a moment to gloat—because that’s what I do

I stepped on a moonbeam at the top of the stairs last night.  The damn thing nearly tripped me.  Funny thing, moonbeams. That actually has nothing to do with anything but for some reason I felt it needed sharing.  My world seems to be spinning at an alarmingly fast pace as of late.  Not out of control, mind you, just… Read more →

There is a Fungus Among Us

Actually, it’s a virus.  It’s the kind of virus that thrives on exposing partially digested stomach contents to ambient air or putrid liquefied bowel to a toilet.  Or underwear, whichever comes first.  The virus in non-discriminatory and has spared no one in it’s wake. Maura has said that it is all she has been seeing at work for the past… Read more →

That’s the Guy Who Sang in Tarzan!

(a scene from the car)  “Oh, that’s the Jonas Brothers.  There’s Kevin, Joe and Nick,” Zane pipes up from the back seat. “Zane, I honestly can’t say that I’m proud you know that.” “Good Lord!” I screamed from the front of the car to no one and to everyone.  “What is wrong with this picture?  Zane, please tell me it’s… Read more →

What Did I Just Say???

 OK, I might need some help with this one.  Help me to realize I’m not going crazy.  You see, most of the
things I find myself saying day in and day out no longer phase me.  Few things surprise me.  Little catchphrases have become part of the accepted parental vernacular .  We all
have them, please tell me we all have them.  Things we say to our kids regularly.  Things that ten years ago I would never have imagined saying but now roll off of my tongue with ease
like a seasoned baptist minister sermonizing in a traveling tent revival. 

Don’t touch the outlet.  Stop running in the house.  Pick up your dirty clothes.  Eat your carrots.  Stop …
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24 Hours—A Lot Can Happen

 The activity is constant and endless.  Lifestyles are adjusted to the heightened levels of chaos always
bordering on calamity.  Insignificance is just that, even more so.  It does not matter.  Priorities shift in an effort to provide balance, continuity and stability in what by all
appearances is disorder.  Time does not sit idly by.  Things happen constantly.

As testament I present a few happenings of the past 24 hours.

Zoë kicked things off this past Saturday night (OK, I know that was more than 24 hours ago but work with me here.  Some things need preface.)  by
heating things up, namely her core body temperature.  Not too alarming–102 and easily controlled with that miracle drug–Motrin.  Have you heard of the …

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