Ire Sunsets

There are sticky notes covering my desk.  They all have numbers on them.  Figures really.  Mostly.  And without any solid frame of reference, I have no idea what they mean.  One contains a listing of dates.  Just dates.  Nothing else.  I have an inkling that I was supposed to have entered them on a calendar.  But without a corresponding event,… Read more →

Marcus Mumford Ear Raped My Kids — But With a Really Catchy Tune So It’s Kind of All Good

Zander (singing to himself in the back of the car):  It was not your fault but mine.  It was your heart on the line.  I really fucked it up this time…. Zella:  Zander!!  You can’t say that!!  It’s a bad word. Zander:  What’s a bad word? Zella:  Fuck.  You can’t say fuck! Zander:  I didn’t. Zella:  Yes you did, Zander.… Read more →