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The Spoken Word

To their tremendous credit, it was not dubbed a graduation ceremony.  In fact, the certificate each child received mentioned nothing of the finality of the kindergarten era.  It was rather an award, individually created for each child specifically designed with their unique personality in mind. Zia’s? I know what you’re thinking, but no. Read more →

My Kid Talks to God

He surprises me. He’s a happy-go-lucky little boy that lives in the now.  And the now is usually happy.  Except when it’s not. Fortunately, a return to happy is but a tickle away.  His days are filled with smiles and laughter, intents typically on nothing more than sharing that joy. Read more →

Dear Mrs. Teacher Lady

Today, Monday August 25 is the first day of school. I have two children in elementary school this year. Zoë will be starting Second Grade and Zane will be starting the First Grade. After Labor Day, Zia will begin Pre-K attending three days a week Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the mornings. For me, this is big. Real big.

I offer my kids to strangers, trusting that they will do the right thing. That they will care for my children as I do. I’m sending them to school. I should feel a sense of relief and relish the freedom gained if only a few hours worth. It’s not that easy.

As we transition some of the daily care of our children to members of our community—namely the educators we have entrusted to supplement and augment the fundamentals we have been teaching at home, concerns manifest. I worry. I fret. I pray that my children will be safe and that their love of learning and their love of life will continue to be nurtured.

I’m sending their teachers a little note…..

Dear Mrs. Teacher Lady,

Good morning and welcome to our school. (I know, that’s something you should probably be saying to me but really, with what I’m paying you guys in tuition, I kind of feel I have the right to call it MY school.) I trust that you had a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation. I know my kids certainly did.

We both knew this day would arrive, though I’ve got to be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting it quite so soon. It seems we had just gotten into a really good summertime groove. That’s OK. We had fun …
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Six days…..

No more pencilsNo more booksNo more teacher’s dirty looks…..School’s out for summer!!Well, not just yet but the countdown has definitely begun.  Zoë has but six days remaining and my boy, Z just finished his final day of pre-K.  His class celebrated the occasion with a picnic in the park.  It could not have been a more perfect day, sun shining… Read more →