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Some Days are Stones

Some days are diamonds.  This is not. I woke this morning with the image of Joe Cool dancing to a melody Schroeder was banging out on the piano.  I hit the snooze because it’s what I do.  Snoopy stopped dancing and I got ten more minutes.  Happy feet can’t be still, though and when he started again I got up.… Read more →

Somewhere Ages….

To roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I —- I bent down to tie my shoe and lost my balance.  I grabbed for a branch to no avail and fell headlong into the fucking stream.  Now I’m soaking wet, bruised, and so far from either path that even if I did find my way back I wouldn’t know which… Read more →


Laughter fills the room where children are playing oblivious to my exasperation.  Lessons have ended far from
complete.  I clear the table.  Distracted, detached or otherwise completely uninterested in either content or purpose they have moved on.  Wooden puzzle pieces clank to the floor
as they are dropped from their formed cutout containers.  Crayons and colored pencils are scattered around the room as they would rather toss undesired hues than set them aside. 
Crumpled scraps of paper dot the floor, artwork in various stages of completion.  A trail of books leads to the shelves from …

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