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Maybe In French?

The boy sings constantly. Zander. He sings Incessantly.  Little tunes he makes up in his head or a phrase he might pick up from a song on the radio that he puts on an endless loop.  He’ll sing, content in his own little world, completely oblivious to what’s going on around him .  Often times he will sing as he’s… Read more →

On the Origin of Zander

The lifeguard at the pool shared with me a very interesting conversation that she had recently held with Zander. Seems Zander struck up the conversation after noticing her shiny new engagement ring. Zander:  Ooh, that’s a pretty ring! LG:  Thank you, Zander. Zander:  Does that mean you’re getting married? LG:  Yes I am. Zander:  My mom and dad got married. … Read more →