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The Spoken Word

To their tremendous credit, it was not dubbed a graduation ceremony.  In fact, the certificate each child received mentioned nothing of the finality of the kindergarten era.  It was rather an award, individually created for each child specifically designed with their unique personality in mind. Zia’s? I know what you’re thinking, but no. Read more →

Another Close Call

“So Zia, what’s this I hear about you kissing a boy at school today?” “I didn’t kiss him!!” “So what’s the story?” “Well, I was helping Sam with his work and he said, ‘I should give you a kiss’ and I was like, ‘EWW, NO WAY!!’ and then he was like, ‘HOSEA!!’” “Then what happened?” “Then we started laughing and… Read more →

a moment to gloat—because that’s what I do

I stepped on a moonbeam at the top of the stairs last night.  The damn thing nearly tripped me.  Funny thing, moonbeams. That actually has nothing to do with anything but for some reason I felt it needed sharing.  My world seems to be spinning at an alarmingly fast pace as of late.  Not out of control, mind you, just… Read more →