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I Triple Dog Dare You!

The thing about your kids getting older — as if there was just one thing and you could possibly encapsulate coming of age with a simple synopsis — anyway, the thing about your kids getting older is that you find yourself less of a presence in their significant experiences.  Oh, you’re still around, you know, close enough to offer instruction… Read more →

Where Was Mark Yesterday!!

Always tell the truth.  That way, you never have to remember what you said. Mark Twain According to legend, and other manuscripts held in general high regard, there are ten commandments.  Ten rather specific edicts which, if  followed closely, serve a fairly good moral foundation.  Arguably, a person that holds to these tenets would be in pretty good standing with… Read more →


So we’re in the car yesterday, as we often are,  and we’re having a conversation, as we often do.  I’m not quite sure where the conversation turned or how it got here, but it did. Maura expressed her deep love of all things football.  I echoed my fondness and Zane chimed in as well.  Then Zoë spoke up, “Well, I… Read more →